1920s police complicity in crime

Matters being with our Lady as it likes you to suppose, it will neither be your crimped pinners, Mrs. Lilias, speaking of them with due respect, nor my silver hair, or golden chain, that will fill up the void which Roland Graeme must needs leave in our Ladys leisure. There will be a learned young divine with some new doctrine-a learned leech with some new drug-a bold cavalier, who will not be refused the favour of 1920s police complicity in crime her colours at a running at the ring-a cunning harper that could harp the heart out of womans breast, as they say Signer David Rizzio did to our poor Queen;-these are the sort of folk who supply the loss of a well-favoured favourite, and not an old steward, or a middle-aged waiting-woman. Well, replied Lilias, you have experience, Master Wingate, and truly I would my master would leave off his picking hither and thither, and look better after the affairs of his household. There will be a papestrie among us next, for what should I see among masters clothes but a string of gold beads. I promise you, aves and credos both!-I seized on them like a falcon. I doubt it not, I doubt it not, said the steward, sagaciously nodding his head; I have often noticed that the boy had strange observances which savoured of popery, and that he was very jealous to conceal them. But you will find the Catholic under the Presbyterian cloak as often as the 1920s police complicity in crime under the Friars hood-what then.
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